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The Perfect Diet for Bodybuilding: An Easy to Follow Diet Plan for Men and Women Bodybuilders to Simultaneously Build Muscle and Quickly Get Rid of Unsightly Body Fat

  Jan 21st, 2012

When I sit down to consult with a new client, the concern of building huge amounts of muscle will invariably always come up. I hear things like, “I just want to burn fat and tone my body” or “I would like to build a little muscle, but I don’t want to bulk up so much that I look unattractively muscular”.


For the most part, beginning bodybuilders are simply looking for a way to trim fat, build some muscle, get six pack abs and look good with their shirt off. There is a small percentage that just wants to get as big as possible, as fast as possible, but these are few and far between.


Vince Gironda, one of the early pioneers of bodybuilding, and trainer to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the 1960’s and 1970’s said, “what you should eat is what you need to eat to get the results you want”. I firmly believe in this philosophy and that nutrition plays the largest role in transforming a person’s body. The diet plan that a person chooses to follow should always be consistent with the results that they desire to achieve.


Like I said above, if my years of training various clients has taught me anything, it is that men and women who are interested in bodybuilding predominantly came to have that interest out of a desire to shed fat and build a toned physique – not get unattractively muscular with veins popping out of their arms.


There are people who will disagree with me, but my philosophy is that you eat your way to a fit and attractive body and that training hard without the right nutrition is mostly a waste of time for anyone who desires to make serious improvements to their body.


You have probably read tons of contradicting information regarding the proper nutrition required to build muscle and burn fat. Well, I am going to cut past all of the junk that you will find online and provide you with an easy to follow bodybuilding diet plan that can be used by both men and women for building decent amounts of muscle mass while quickly cutting body fat.


The Perfect Diet for Bodybuilding Explained

Since nutrition is one of the hardest things for both men and women in our society to have any kind of discipline with, it is extremely important that you are following a diet plan that is realistic – and easy to follow!


A diet I have had a great deal of success with (personally and with my various clients) is actually a variation of a carb cycling diet plan that is based around eating lots of high fat and high protein foods for 6 days each week with one day of carb loading.


How This Bodybuilding Diet Works

Because your body will be short on carbs for 6 days each week, you will be able to effectively keep your blood sugar levels in check, maintaining your body in a fat burning state.


Where traditional carb cycling diets fail is that they are only concerned with the carbohydrate side of things and do not address the fact that consuming a high level of good fats is actually an important part of the fat loss equation when limiting carbs.


healthy fats - olive oilConsuming fats such as olive oil, dairy fats, fish fats/oils and fats found in red meats can actually aid in fat loss. When your body is fed with a steady supply of these kinds of fats it will no longer feel the need to continue storing a high percentage of the fats you are consuming since it will be getting all the fat that it needs to function from the foods you are eating every day.


So, by following a diet that is low in carbohydrates, and high in the types of fats that I mention above, you will effectively be attacking your fat loss goals on two fronts:


• Controlled blood sugar levels to promote fat loss as your body must turn to fat to fuel your workouts and perform other activities


• Decreased fat storage as your body no longer has to rely on its fat reserves since it will be getting all the fats it needs from the foods consumed with your diet


The points above explain how fats and carbs work together to make this an effective bodybuilding diet plan, but there is still one more nutrient that I haven’t covered – the all important one – protein.


Proteins and Muscle Growth

Even the most inexperienced bodybuilders understand that protein is the building block of muscles and that protein is a very important nutrient for anyone that desires to put on greater amounts of muscle mass.


Because this diet for bodybuilding relies on carbohydrate deprivation, it is extremely important that you are feeding your body with complete proteins every 3 or 4 hours.


As I explain in my posting containing my experience using a carb cycling diet, one problem with carb cycling diets is that when the body is lacking in carbohydrates it will turn to breaking down muscle tissue as a way to make up for the reduction in readily available carbohydrate energy.


While eating a decent amount of good fats will help to prevent the body from entering this catabolic state, the best way to prevent this from happening is by frequently providing your body with protein.


By providing your body with a steady supply of complete proteins it will first turn to the protein that is being digested and broken down as a source of energy, because protein that is being broken down and digested is much easier for the body to process and use than proteins that have already been used to build new muscle tissue.


By consistently feeding your body with a sufficient amount of protein every 2 or 3 hours you will ensure that your body won’t need to eat away at the protein making up your muscle tissue for energy because it will already be readily available in the blood stream for immediate use, when needed.


You might be wondering if the body using consumed protein for energy will decrease the amount of protein from your diet the body will be able to be use for muscle growth. The answer is yes.


However, as long as you’re eating complete proteins every 3-4 hours, your muscles will have more than enough useable proteins to recover from your workouts and stimulate the anabolic building of new muscle tissue – even if your body does use small amounts before it can reach your muscles.


Meal Examples for Following This Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Here are some examples of meals that you would eat during your 6 days each week of eating very little carbs, high amounts of good fats and plenty of complete proteins:


• Steak and Whole Eggs

• Salad with Sunflower Seeds, Cheese, Bacon, Chicken and Ranch Dressing

• Salmon and Broccoli

• Whey Protein Shake with Olive Oil

• Ground Beef Topped with Whole Cheese and Bacon (optional: guacamole)

• Pan Fried Chicken Using Olive Oil and Topped with Whole Cheese – Served with a Side of Nuts


In order to make sure your body is never lacking in nutrition, and to keep your metabolic engine revving, you should consume your first meal within an hour or two after waking up (or immediately after performing your morning cardio workout).


After that, you will simply eat various meals and snacks every 3-4 hours until going to bed for the night, making sure to eat a certain number of grams of both fats and proteins as described below.


Starting this Bodybuilding Diet and Monitoring Your Results

Every person’s body will react a little differently to the nutrition it receives. To make sure you are feeding your body an amount of nutrition that will allow you to burn fat, while building muscle, you need to monitor your results and adjust your nutrition accordingly.


For men, I recommend starting this bodybuilding diet by consuming 200g of protein and 150-200g of fat every day for a full week. Remember to limit your carb intake as much as possible, but a small amount of carbs won’t kill you.


Women should start with eating 150g of protein and 75-100g of fat every day.


You will want to take an initial stomach fat measurement at the beginning of the week. Then, at the end of six days of eating the amounts above, measure your stomach again by wrapping a tape measure around your stomach at belly button level. If your stomach circumference has not decreased, this means that you need to reduce your nutrition in order to place your body in a fat burning state.


Reducing your nutrition should be performed slowly to ensure that you aren’t going to decrease your nutrition so much that it leads to muscular atrophy. I recommend decreasing your protein and fat requirements by 10% and following this new set of nutritional guidelines.


You will continue this process of measuring your fat loss results and decreasing your nutrition as necessary. This will enable you to continually shed fat each week, without impacting your losses in muscle mass.


For optimum muscle building results you want to strength train with progressive overload.


Tip to Naturally Boost Your Body’s Testosterone Production*

There are several vegetables that contain a chemical called Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) that has been shown in studies to decrease estrogen production by as much as 50% (while simultaneously raising testosterone levels) when 500mg or more is consistently consumed each day.


When incorporating vegetables into your meals, you will want to include vegetables that contain high levels of I3C as often as possible to maximize your natural production of testosterone which will pay huge dividends in your ability to build muscle and shed fat. Here is a list of vegetables that contain I3C:


• Broccoli     • Cauliflower     • Cabbage     • Brussel Sprouts
• Turnips     • Radishes     • Rutabaga     • Mustard Greens


It’s Time to Get Started!

low carb meal - steak and veggiesI have tried a lot of different bodybuilding diets over the years and can tell you that very few will produce the kinds of dramatic results that this kind of diet will provide when used as I have described in this posting. The best part is that it is extremely easy to simply avoid most carbohydrates 6 days each week and eat a lot of complete proteins and healthy fats.


There are also tons of great tasting meal options to choose from when following this type of fat burning and anabolic diet for bodybuilding. When I started my bodybuilding journey I knew nothing about cooking and couldn’t make even the simplest of recipes and I really struggled to come up with great tasting meals that met the requirements of my bodybuilding diet. Now I actually use a set of recipes that I got from


If you want a massive list of great tasting recipes that will be perfect for following this bodybuilding diet plan, I highly recommend heading over to


As a word of caution, you may notice that your energy levels will be lower than normal for the first couple of weeks of following this diet as your body’s insulin response will have not yet adjusted to the low blood sugar levels that this bodybuilding diet will induce. Not to worry though; after 2 or 3 weeks your body’s insulin production will have adjusted to this new diet and you will actually notice that you have more energy than you had before starting following it.


Keep in mind that you will want to be sure to commit some time to performing several cardio workouts each week in order to maximize your fat loss results while following this diet plan. Even without doing any kind of cardio you should experience a certain amount of fat loss, but I want you to get the best results in the least amount of time. In order to optimize your fat loss progress you want to get in the habit of doing cardio frequently. Not to mention it is just plain important for overall cardiovascular health.


Check Back In and Let Me Know About Your Results

After you have gotten noticeable results following this diet plan, please send me a message to let me know about it. If you have before and after pictures, I would love to see them as well! Nothing is more encouraging than knowing I have helped someone improve their physical appearance and get a body that they can be proud of.



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