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Circuit Training Exercises for Anaerobic Workouts That Simultaneously Build Muscle and Burn Fat

  Sep 19th, 2011
Circuit training exercises are a great way to get ripped because they provide your body with the resistance training required to gain strength and muscle mass along with a level of aerobic intensity that will promote fat loss.

By combining the right circuit training exercises, you can effectively use the same workout to both build muscle and burn fat.

One of the most appealing aspects about circuit training is that you can structure your workouts to include a wide range of various circuit training exercises.

This will keep your workouts new and exciting while giving you great results.

The purpose of this posting is to provide you with some great ideas for circuit training exercises, but I wanted to quickly note that no matter how effective your workouts are at building muscle and burning fat, the only way to make significant changes to your physique is to combine your circuit training exercises with a diet plan that is specific to your personal goals.

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How To Perform Your Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit Training ExercisesPerforming your circuit training exercises should consist of moving from exercise to exercise with little or no rest in between. If you are a beginner to circuit training, I recommend choosing a circuit consisting of 4 exercises and completing the entire circuit 3 times.

After 2 or 3 weeks, you should be able to add another exercise or two to the mix and/or increase the number of circuits you complete for your circuit training workouts.

By the way, completing a circuit simply means that you have performed one set of each of your circuit training exercises, at which point, you will start back at the first exercise and do them all again.

Here is a list of some great circuit training exercises that you can use to construct your own personalized circuit training workouts:

Resistance ExerciseAerobic Exercise
Walking Barbell LungesPunching Heavy Bag
PushupsBox Jumps
Sit UpsJump Rope
Alternate Dumbbell PunchingJogging on Treadmill
Tricep PushdownsStationary High Knee Sprints
Dumbbell Bench PressSquat Thrusts

Choosing Your Circuit Training Exercises

For the best results you should design your workouts so that your circuit training exercises alternate between resistance and aerobic for each circuit.

This will allow you to maintain an elevated heart rate in order to get the best fat burning results from your circuit training workouts. Alternating your exercise types will also provide your muscles with time to recover between your resistance exercises.

Resistance Exercises

When performing the resistance circuit training exercises, you want to use a resistance that allows you to reach muscle failure after 10-20 reps.

Keep in mind that the key to building muscle through resistance training is not based so much on the number of reps you are performing, but how you are performing them.

Your resistance circuit training exercises will enable you to build muscle and strength as long as you are training to failure on every set.

Aerobic Exercises

Your aerobic circuit training exercises should be performed for 1-3 minutes at a moderate level of intensity.

The goal of the aerobic exercises is to keep your heart rate within your target fat burning heart rate zone, so there is no need to kill yourself with an extreme level of intensity that will only take away from your resistance training intensity and hinder your gains in muscle mass and strength.

If you want to get ripped, circuit training is a great anaerobic workout option to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat within the same training session.

Using the circuit training exercises above, along with some of your own, will allow you to create exciting and fast-paced workouts to get you the results you need to quickly transform your body.


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