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The #1 Results Killer: Your Failure is Certain Unless You Rid Yourself of This Immediately

Harnessing Willpower in the Fight to Control Your Diet

The Best Bodybuilding Quotes of All Time

11 Reasons Why I Train My Body

The One Thing I Can’t Teach You (You Either Have It or You Don’t)

Training Intensity – How Hard You Should Be Training and Why It Should Matter To You

Do You Have What It Takes to Get Ripped?

Taking Action: The All-Important First Step for Lasting Change

The Art of Self-Discipline: Check Yo’ Self Before You Wreck Yo’ Self

Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 5

Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 4

Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 3

Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 2

Stupid Mistakes We All Make That Stymie Our Transformation Results – Part 1

3 Unsung Superheroes in the Quest for Body Transformation Success

Is Getting Ripped Really an Attainable Goal for You?

What to Do When a Full Workout is Out of the Question

Stop Wishing and Start Planning: The Oft-Ignored Secret for Improving Your Physique

Hamstring Pulls, Back Strains and My Growing Family

4 Reasons You Need a Systematic Approach to Get Ripped

Consistency for Physical Improvement and the Law of Proportionality

How Bad Do You Want to Change Your Body?

Getting Ripped Part 3: 10 Percent Body Fat Achieved

Why You’re Not Building Muscle, Burning Fat and Improving Your Body

Need Motivation to Lose Weight, Build Muscle and Get Fit? Find What Motivates You and Exploit It to the Fullest

Getting Ripped is Too Easy – It’s Time for Me to Find a New Passion

My Strength and Conditioning Gym: A Prologue of Things to Come in My Life

The Formula for Success: What it Takes to Develop a Lean and Ripped Physique

My Journey Back to Getting Ripped – Part Two

Why I Do What I Do On Answering the Nay-Sayers

Fit and Strong for Life: Ditching Meaningless Weight Loss Goals, Having a Long-Term Perspective, and Keeping Your Results for Good

Do Yourself a Favor and Stay Fit While You’re Pregnant

Building the Perfect Female Body: How Women Unknowingly Sabotage Themselves from Getting the Kind of Body They Want and What They Can Do About It

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Believing in Your Training and Nutrition Plan

5 Lame Excuses People Give for Not Being Fit, Strong, Healthy and Ripped

My Journey Back to Getting Ripped – Part One

Your Bodily Transformation Mindset: The Aspect of Bodybuilding That Is Most Responsible for Lackluster Muscle Building and Fat Loss Results

Life Lessons I Have Learned In the Weight Room and From My Commitment to Living a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Time for Some Tough Love – Stop Being Unhappy With Your Body and Do Something About It!

Weight Lifting Intensity: Training with An Intensity That Matches Your Desire to Get Ripped

Making and Keeping Your Fitness New Year Resolutions to Finally Transform Your Body and Get a Physique That You Can Be Proud Of

Our Increasing Lack of Activity is Killing Us – We Need to Stop Sitting and Stop Dying!

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight: How Your Health Will Thank You for Shedding Those Extra Pounds of Fat

Bodybuilding for Beginners: Everything Beginner Bodybuilders Need to Know About Bodybuilding Nutrition and Strength Training to Quickly Transform Their Bodies

Choosing a Personal Trainer for You – Everything You Need to Know When Thinking About Hiring a Personal Trainer to Help You Reach Your Muscle Building or Fat Loss Goals

How to Workout and Weight Train the Right Way: Start Training with a Purpose, Start Getting Results

Natural Bodybuilding Tips That Every Bodybuilder Needs to Know to Build Lean Muscle Mass and Get Ripped

The Importance of Following a Structured Bodybuilding Program for Getting Consistent Results

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