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The Importance of Following a Structured Bodybuilding Program for Getting Consistent Results

  Jun 28th, 2011
A bodybuilding program is essentially the overall strategy with which you use in order to reach your bodybuilding goals. Your particular program should include everything required to transform your body.

Most bodybuilding programs fall into the category of muscle building program or fat loss program. Some programs can be structured to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, but these types of bodybuilding programs require a very specific set of nutrition instructions that can be overwhelming for anyone who is not experienced at consuming calculated nutrient portions.

Bodybuilding Program Elements

A complete bodybuilding program should include weight training plans, nutritional guidelines and a system for tracking your results to make sure that you continually make muscle building or fat loss progress.

For the most part, weight training does not differ too much between weight training for fat loss and weight training to gain muscle mass. The reason for this is that weight training is always used to build and tone muscle, with your diet playing the largest role in determining whether you ultimately build muscle, burn fat or both.

The only real difference in training for fat loss, and not muscle building, is that you will want to make it a priority to implement some of the best cardio for weight loss exercises into your daily training routine in order to most efficiently shed unwanted body fat.

The most important aspect of any bodybuilding program is nutrition. I don’t care how hard or how often you train, if you aren’t feeding your body in a manner that is consistent with you goals, you will never make any significant improvements to your physique.

Certified nutritionist, Kyle Leon, explains the importance of bodybuilding nutrition in this short video:

Video: Nutrition for Building Lean Muscle Without Fat

Why You Need a Structured Bodybuilding Program

People (especially men) are very stubborn by nature and think that they can transform their bodies simply by training four of five days a week and “eating right”. People that attack their bodybuilding goals in this manner are unsuccessful 100% of the time.

Bodybuilding goals take months (or even years) to achieve, and if you don’t have a structured plan that tracks your progress, you will give up long before making any kind of noticeable improvements to your physique.

Having a plan, and tracking your results, holds you accountable and constantly encourages you to remain steadfast in sticking with your bodybuilding plan.

You don’t build a house without a set of specific plans to get the job done, and you don’t build an impressive body that way either.

If you are serious about building muscle and burning fat to get ripped, it is absolutely essential that you follow a bodybuilding program that contains every element you will need to successfully transform your body.


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