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What’s The Best Whey Protein Supplement?

  Jul 27th, 2013

Best Whey Protein SupplementYou probably know that I’m not a big proponent of supplements. Well, most supplements that is.


The masses tend to over-rely on them with the hopes that investing hundreds in supplements each month will somehow compensate for their poor training and nutritional regimen.


In addition, most supplements contain ingredients and chemicals that have been largely untested and ingesting them may be compromising your long-term health.


Not all supplements fit this description, though. In fact, there are a handful that I use on a daily basis because they are completely natural, safe and –most importantly – they enhance my life in one way or another.


It wasn’t always this way. At one point I was spending a couple hundred dollars on supplements every month and there was no continuity from month to month.


Every few weeks I’d head up to the supplement store and grab a few of the latest supplements that promised to make me leaner, bigger, stronger or all of the above. When I didn’t get the results I was promised, I’d move on to the next stack of supplements.


Thankfully, I eventually came to my senses and correctly concluded that my mediocre results were the consequence of an ineffective combination of training and nutrition.


And just to prove this to myself, I actually gave up on taking supplements altogether – except for the occasional whey protein shake for convenience – while transforming my body from fat to ripped.


Nevertheless, I have since come to realize that supplements do have their place in the lives of those of us who take our health, appearance and performance seriously.


And I want to spend some time intermittently over the next several weeks giving you a breakdown of the ONLY supplements I use, which I consider essential to your long-term health and physical appearance.


I’m going to kick things off today with a supplement you’re probably already quite fond of.


That being said, you need to be careful about which brand you use. Otherwise, you’re probably not going to get a very good nutritional return on your investment (more on this in a minute).


The first essential supplement I’m talking about here is whey protein. Whey protein is one of the fastest digested and assimilated proteins, making it a great protein choice for any post-training meal so you can halt the catabolic processes and get your muscles to start rebuilding as fast as possible.


And, because of the convenience whey protein provides, it is also essential to have on hand for those times when you don’t have the time available to prepare a meal – or just don’t feel like preparing one.


There are literally thousands of brands of whey protein powder. Out of all of them, I believe this one is the best, hands down.


It’s the best because the protein is produced from grass-fed cows that aren’t injected with dangerous hormones and antibiotics and is processed under low temperatures. Let me tell you why this should matter to you from a purely pragmatic standpoint.


Whey protein that comes from cows that are not organically raised will contain a certain amount of the chemicals the cows have ingested and/or been injected with. Over time these chemicals slow your metabolism, wreak havoc on your hormones, sap your energy levels, compromise your digestive health and destroy your immune system.


There is also ample evidence to suggest that consuming the meat and protein from chemically fed and treated animals will increase your risk of developing debilitating, and even life-threatening diseases later in life.


While these are mostly health related concerns, it’s important to note that they will also spill over into your ability to improve your body, to one degree or another.


After all, it’s hard to remain consistent in your training when you’re getting sick every couple of months and your lack of energy makes working out seem like a chore instead of a privilege.


By the way, since I’ve transitioned to only using the select supplements I’ll be sharing with you in this weekly series I have yet to develop an illness. That’s more than 15 illness-free months as of the time of this writing.


Before supplementing my diet and training in this manner I had been sick an average of 3-5 times a year.  And guess what?


This has also translated to an improved physique during that time.


So it’s fairly easy for me to justify continuing to invest in them and suggest that you do the same.

Before I wrap up, I want to touch on why it’s important that your whey protein is processed under low temperatures: High temperature processing methods used to speed up the manufacturing process result in the proteins becoming denatured.


The denaturing of protein is a fairly scientific process that occurs at the molecular level.


What you need to know, though, is that while high temperature processing may keep the price of the whey protein down for us consumers, the resultant denaturing leads to a significant portion of the protein-forming amino acids contained in the whey protein powder becoming unusable by your body for the purposes of building new muscle tissue.


What’s worse is that, as of now, the FDA allows the manufacturers that use high temperature processing methods to still include the denatured protein amounts in the protein per serving indicated on their nutrition labels.


So you really have no clue how much usable protein you’re getting!


As I’ve hopefully convinced you, when it comes to the whey protein you use to get in your protein requirements, it really does pay to be a bit of a protein snob.


Right now there are only a couple of brands that offer whey protein made from organic, grass-fed cows, and using low-temperature processing techniques.


The prices for the different brands of whey protein that meet these standards are relatively similar, but I always recommend buying the BioTrust Brand.


Best Whey Protein Supplement - BioTrustI recommend BioTrust Whey Protein for three reasons:


1. They provide their customers with tons of awesome additional free content like recipes, fat loss tips and advice for living healthy


2. They regularly donate a portion of their sales to charities that help the hungry and less fortunate all around the world


3. BioTrust owners, Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion, are just all-around good dudes you can trust


Plus, BioTrust Whey Protein is the best tasting whey protein powder on the market (in my opinion, anyway).


I suppose the moral of the story is that you get what you pay for when buying most products – and whey protein powder is no different.


I use whey protein on a daily basis to meet my protein requirements and I suspect you probably do too. It’s an essential supplement few can meet their nutritional requirements (or physique goals) without.


So do yourself a favor and make sure you’re using a quality whey protein that will allow you to realize all of the nutritional benefits it can provide without compromising your results and long-term health in the process.


The next time I discuss supplements I’ll be giving you the low-down on a supplement that has been absolutely integral in strengthening my immune system, bolstering my energy levels and keeping me illness-free for the past 15+ months.



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