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The Best Fat Burning Diet Plan for Men and Women to Quickly Shed Body Fat and Keep It Off for Good

  Jan 26th, 2012

Time for Change ClockI am often asked what the best fat burning diet plan is for quickly dropping body fat and keeping it off. I have actually used several different diet plans to effectively reduce my body fat percentage and I have a good idea about what a long term fat loss diet solution should look like.


To be honest, most of the fat loss diets I tried worked great at enabling me to cut body fat each week, but I have only ever used 2 fat burning diet plans that were structured in such a way that they would enable me to quickly reduce my body fat percentage in the short-term, while still being a realistic long-term option for maintaining my reduced level of body fat.


Using some of the concepts that I learned over the past several years, I have actually designed a fat burning diet plan that works great at getting rid of excess body fat and I am going to share this diet plan with you throughout the remainder of this posting.


I consider my fat burning diet plan to be one of the best fat burning diet plan options for anyone that is looking for a really simple way to shed body fat and keep it off. If you follow the plan that I am about to share with you, I promise that you will lose noticeable amounts of fat in just a matter of weeks.


By the way, if you use this diet plan to transform your physique, please let me know about it. Nothing makes me happier than to know that the information I have shared right here on has helped someone get a body that they can be proud of.


Make sure to take before and after pictures!


My Fat Burning Diet Plan

I have used another kind of diet, my diet for bodybuilding, for extended periods of time – and have gotten great fat loss results from it. However, I have found that most people have a hard time consuming little or no carbohydrates for longer than a few weeks at a time.


So, I developed this fat burning diet plan to allow me to consume carbohydrates at a couple of key times each day without the adverse fat gaining effect that can accompany carbohydrate consumption at other times throughout the day.


There are two times during the day in which your body has an immediate need for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates that are consumed at these times will not be stored on your body in the form of fat, as long as you consume them in moderation.


The two times in which your body is primed for using carbohydrates are:


• First thing in the morning after you wake up


• Immediately following a weight training session


Carbohydrates with Your First Meal

When we wake up in the morning our body has just gone through an extended period of time without receiving any new sources of energy. As such, carbohydrates that are consumed with the first meal of the day will predominantly be used by our body for refueling our muscle’s glycogen reserves, muscle recovery, brain function, physical activity, etc.


Since the body has an immediate need for the sugar energy supplied by carbohydrates first thing in the morning, the body will ultimately use up a large percentage of the carbohydrates that are consumed at this time of the day and will not lead to the gains in body fat that are associated with eating certain amounts of carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates After Weight Training

Weight training exhausts our body’s energy reserves while placing a strain on the various muscles being trained that will require heightened nutritional levels for rebuilding and recovery. There is a window of time that lasts for about 60 minutes after completing a weight training workout in which the muscles of the body are primed to receive carbohydrate energy to re-fuel their energy reserves and to aid in rebuilding and recovery.


Carbohydrates consumed immediately after weight training will be used by your body to replenish your intramuscular energy reserves, prevent the catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue and give your body the nutrition it needs to build new muscle tissue.


Consuming carbohydrates with your first meal of the day, and immediately after weight training, will not lead to gains in body fat (as long as excessive amounts are not consumed) and will also ensure that your body is not deprived of the nutrition it needs for optimal performance, recovery and muscle growth.


As I mentioned above, the only caveat to this is that you will still not want to go overboard with the amount of carbs that you consume in the morning or after weight training. But don’t worry, I am going to give you a breakdown of exactly how much you should be eating, depending on if you are a man or a woman.


You will see that the only real difference between the way men and women need to eat for consistent fat loss with this diet plan is that women will need to consume fewer calories each day than men for the simple reason that their metabolisms are naturally slower than those of men.


My Fat Burning Diet Plan for Men

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will want to make every effort to feed your body every 2 or 3 hours whenever possible. Consistently eating in this manner will provide a metabolic boost, reduce the fat storing tendencies of your body and ensure that your muscles are constantly supplied with the nutrition they need for growth and recovery.


If you are a man, here is the fat burning diet plan that you will want to follow:


1st Meal of the Day and After Weight Training Meal: 50-60g of Carbs and 30-40g of Protein


All Other Meals Throughout the Day: Less than 10g of carbs and 40-50g of protein


Other than making sure that you are eating every 2-3 hours and following the nutrient guidelines I have provided above, I would recommend making sure that you consume your last meal of the day within an hour of two of going to sleep. This will make sure that there will be sufficient protein available for your body to use for muscle growth and recovery during the most opportune time for muscle growth – while you are sleeping.


On days that you don’t weight train, your first meal of the day will be the only meal that will contain a significant number of carbs. All other meals on your rest days should follow my “other meals” nutritional guidelines


A Note on Fat:

I have not given any specific guidelines on how much fat you should eat for each meal as you will likely receive sufficient amounts of fat from your various protein sources anyway. That being said, it is perfectly acceptable (and healthy) to make sure that you are including lots of healthy fats in your various meals each day. Some sources of healthy fats include olive oil, fish oils and fats from seeds and nuts.


Don’t worry about eating too much fat. As I explain in my diet for bodybuilding posting, eating large amounts of healthy fats will actually promote fat loss and will not lead to gains in body fat.


My Fat Burning Diet Plan for Women

Women will want to follow the same instructions that I have provided for men above, except the nutrient amounts that women will want to eat for each meal will be slightly reduced as follows:


1st Meal of the Day and After Weight Training Meal: 35-45g of Carbs and 20-30g of Protein


All Other Meals Throughout the Day: Less than 10g of carbs and 30-40g of protein


Adjusting Your Fat Burning Diet Plan

This fat burning diet plan is very effective at getting rid of excess body fat and will enable you to reduce your body fat to lean and attractive levels. However, if you have the desire to get extremely cut and ripped, you will need to make slight modifications in order to get as lean as possible by ridding your body of those final few pounds of stubborn excess fat.


If after several months of consistently following my fat burning diet plan as described above, you have dropped a significant amount of body fat and you are no longer able to measure a decrease in your waist size after a couple of weeks, this is an indication that you will need to reduce your calories in order to continue to lower your body fat percentage.


To do this you will simply reduce all of the carbohydrate and protein values that you were consuming for each meal by 10%. You can do this by simply multiplying all of the values above by 0.9.


I strongly recommend that you do not reduce the values I have provided above until you are no longer losing fat every 2 weeks or so. Reducing calories prematurely can lead to muscle loss and will likely take a higher level of dedication to stick to because you will be providing your body with less food and may feel a greater sense of hunger in between meals.


The carbohydrate and protein values I have prescribed for both men and women will enable you to burn off dramatic amounts of body fat. I only mention the reduction of calories option for those who have the desire to get extremely lean.


That is It!

You now have access to what I have found to be the best fat burning diet plan for both short and long-term fat loss success. If you follow this plan week after week, you will be noticeably leaner in a matter of weeks.


Make sure to take before and after photos to share with me the results that you are able to achieve from using this fat burning diet plan.


As with following any diet plan, having a bunch of simple and great tasting recipes that are consistent with your nutritional requirements will be a key to your success. Here is a cookbook that I have been using to make tons of great tasting low carb meals (and some awesome post workout shakes) that I highly recommend checking out:


Dave Ruels’ Fat Burning Anabolic Cookbook


Keep in mind that this posting is dedicated to the nutritional aspect of body fat reduction only. You will obviously need commit to regular cardio workouts and weight training for optimum results. I recommend checking out the following post that I have written to help you understand the best way to structure your cardio workouts for maximum fat loss results:


The Best Cardio Exercise for You to Most Efficiently Reach Your Fat Loss Goals



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