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The Health Benefits of Losing Weight: How Your Health Will Thank You for Shedding Those Extra Pounds of Fat

  Dec 15th, 2011

Benefits of Losing Weight - Obesity CrisisThe desire to look more attractive and desirable is the most common reason for people to consider starting a weight loss program. There are some individuals who, after receiving a bad prognosis from their doctor, begin focusing on dropping the pounds, but usually the numerous health benefits associated with losing weight are an afterthought.


As someone who has lost 50lbs of fat, I fully understand the health implications of getting down to a healthy weight and feel that the health benefits associated with losing weight should be given a greater level of attention.


Therefore, I want to share a few of the most noticeable benefits that I experienced after losing 50 pounds of fat. For those of you who aren’t necessarily too concerned with your physical appearance, perhaps this posting will give you a few reasons to consider losing weight that may be more personally appealing.


My Unquenchable Heart Burn

When I weighed in at a husky 240lbs I was awakened just about every night with an unquenchable case of heart burn. I would pop Tums tablets like candy, but always had trouble getting comfortable enough to fall back asleep – and stay asleep.


At the time, I didn’t know much about what was causing my heart burn, and I am still not an expert in the subject. I had no idea that my excess body fat was causing me the severe discomfort and loss of sleep that I was consistently experiencing.


If I would have known that I probably would have considered losing weight much sooner!


After dropping my first 20 pounds, my heart burn became much less frequent and would only really erupt after eating certain foods like pizza and hot wings, which someone who is trying to lose fat shouldn’t have been eating anyway.


Pizza and wings are a personal weakness for me. I admit it…


Anyway, after getting down to about 210lbs my heartburn stopped altogether and I have not experienced a single case of heart burn since! I know one thing; I will never again take a heart burn free night for granted!


If you are someone who is overweight, and struggles with frequent heart burn, I encourage you to consider committing to losing some of your excess fat. Not only will you look better, but you may find that your annoying onsets of heart burn will disappear as well.


Reduced Blood Pressure

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that enough people are getting this message and just continue stuffing their faces with high calorie, processed foods that are loaded with unhealthy saturated fats and preservatives that make them fat.


I am not here to judge you; I was one such person.


Fortunately, I realized the error of my ways. Heart disease runs in my father’s side of the family and the fear and inconveniences that accompany heart disease is not something that I want to live with.


I saw my grandfather go through it, and it broke my heart.


I don’t know the exact numbers, but I do know that when I was at my heaviest, my doctor was less than enthused with my blood pressure figures. I was only 25 years old and still had that feeling of being invincible. So, I would usually just ignore the problem and move on.


While weight loss was admittedly something that I pursued simply for the cosmetic benefits, I was pleasantly surprised when I returned to the doctor (after losing 40 pounds) to find that my blood pressure had returned to a level that was considered normal.


I assumed that most of my blood pressure issues were genetic in nature and that even losing weight wouldn’t help much. I am glad that I was wrong because knowing that I had increased my cardiovascular health was a huge load off of my mind.


If you are someone with a genetic propensity for heart disease, don’t just sit back and await your fate – do something about it!


It takes some shifting of priorities to lose weight, but no sacrifice is too great to vastly improve your health, increase your vitality, enhance your quality of life and potentially add years to your life.


Other Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Heart disease prevention should be more than enough reason for anyone to commit to maintaining a healthy weight. Although, there are some other health benefits of losing weight that are certainly worth noting:


• Weight loss has been shown to cure diabetes in certain individuals


• Being overweight affects your quality of sleep and is a common cause of sleep apnea


• Increased immune system function


• More efficient respiratory system


What more convincing do you possibly need to lose weight and get fit? Few things in life compare to looking fit and feeling healthy. Before I dropped fifty pounds of fat, I honestly had no idea what I was missing, but I can tell you that committing to reaching a healthy weight has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made.


Need to Lose Weight? Let Me Help You

I know what it is like to have the desire to lose weight, but have very little idea regarding how to most conveniently and efficiently go about it. That is why I am writing a book in which I explain the exact process that I used to go from being 50lbs overweight to having the ripped physique you can see at the top of this page.


I honestly care about helping others look better, feel better and improve their health. That is why I include 6 months of email support with every purchase of my book – to guarantee that you won’t have any questions regarding what is required to lose weight and get healthy – and to give you the personal attention, encouragement and support that you need to successfully transform your body.


I hope to have my book ready for release before the end of 2011.


Update: My book is now available. Learn more here.


Have you personally experienced any health benefits associated with losing weight, or know someone who has? Feel free to share your story by using the comment box below.



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