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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Believing in Your Training and Nutrition Plan

  Apr 8th, 2012

Don't Stop Believing PosterI received an email earlier today from a good friend of mine who just started using P90X and wanted my thoughts on the program. I’ll save my in-depth analysis of P90X for another day, but after a brief phone conversation with my friend, I had a few thoughts running through my head…


But there was one theme in particular that continued to pop up and I think it’ll be a great help to anyone that’s considering starting a training program with the hopes of transforming their body.


One thing that jumped out at me during our phone conversation was the enthusiasm my friend had for the P90X system. He seemed to be talking faster and louder than normal and I could feel a positive energy coming from his voice.


Perhaps he’d just had a little too much coffee, but there was definitely an air of excitement coming through my iphone.


Anyway, we talked about a few technical details regarding training techniques, exercise variations and our personal workout preferences.


Out of all of those things, all of which I greatly enjoy discussing, one of the final points I made was that if he enjoyed the P90X system, and was satisfied with the results he was getting, then he should go all in.


The Importance of Believing in What You’re Doing

Even though there are aspects of P90X I wouldn’t condone, and it is a direct competitor of my book, Ripped Out, I’m man enough to admit that it’s a quality program that produces results for those that follow it as prescribed.


As much as I’d prefer my friend to use my system to transform his body, and give me a nice transformation photo for my testimonials page, what matters most to me is that he develops a physique that he can be proud of.


In my experience, the number one reason people fail to make noticeable improvements to their body is that they’re following ineffective instructions. The number two reason is not believing that what they’re doing will actually get them to where they want to go.


I like the way Jason Ferruggia explains this problem in his article on taking charge of your training:


“Unsuccessful people and chronically skinny-fat “hardgainers” have one thing in common- they stress out and worry about EVERYTHING.


I’ve worked with thousands of these guys over the past 18 years and I can honestly say that the biggest thing holding them back is their never ending worrying and constant over-analyzing.


“Shit, I tried higher protein for two days and it didn’t work. Maybe I should do high carbs.”


“I increased my volume but now I’m sore. I’m overtrained. Back to Heavy Duty.”


“My biceps don’t cross my elbow joint like Larry Scott’s did; is it even worth me training?”


“I hit failure on my squats today, should I go back tonight and redo the whole workout?”


“The hill I ran sprints on was only about a 30 degree incline, but I could have sworn I read that 45 degrees was better. Was that a waste of my time?”


“I lost five pounds of fat but now I look tiny. What should I do?! HELP ME!!!!!”


Obviously, guys like this will never get anywhere. Their lives will be miserable and their gains in the gym will be piss poor.


That’s because they second-guess every single aspect of their diet and training.


When you do that you’re destined to fail. You have to have confidence and believe in what you are doing or you’re doomed from the get go.


When you start a new business or walk on to a team to tryout you have to have the confidence (and almost brash cockiness) to know that you will succeed. Seeds of doubt will squash your dreams instantly. You’ll never have a chance.


If you have constant doubts about your training and nutrition program the same thing will happen.


You will never make progress.




The point I believe Jason is trying to make is if you don’t wholeheartedly believe that what you’re doing is going to get you the results you desire, you aren’t going to commit to it for long enough to see the fruits of your efforts.


Since P90X has the track record to prove that it can produce the results my friend intends to get, once I could tell that he’d bought in to the program, hook, line and sinker, I knew that it’s only a matter of time before he’ll have a lean,
ripped, impressive physique – as long as one more condition is met…


Gaining Confidence Through Measurements

Once you believe that what you’re doing will get you to where you want to go, you’re still operating on faith until you start to see consistent results for all of your hard work training and eating for success each week.


If you’ve been diligent about following your training and nutrition plan for a week or two, and aren’t able to measure any differences in terms of muscle growth or fat loss, your faith can definitely be rattled. And it should be!


After all, you didn’t commit to disciplining yourself to killing it at the gym and following a structured diet plan only to make zero progress.


This is why it’s so important for any program that’s worth anything to give its users an accurate way to measure their progress. If you’re able to measure positive change on your body over time, your faith will remain in tact, and will slowly grow until you’re completely confident that what you’re doing is working.


Because of the impact tracking your results will have on your long-term success, I take this aspect of getting measureable results very seriously! This is why I made sure that my program was effective enough to provide measurable results on a weekly basis before putting it out there for mass consumption.


I want those who trust me to show them how to get ripped to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they’re doing is working.


Go All In!

If you want to transform your physique… More than anything else you need to find a proven plan that you believe in 100%, commit yourself to following what it teaches, and measure your progress to ensure it’s getting you the desired results.


If you do these things there’ll be no stopping you from getting the body you desire.



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