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Anabolic Diet Instructions For Building Lean Muscle Without Fat

  Jun 12th, 2011

Anabolic Diet ResultsAn anabolic diet requires consciously feeding your body the nutrition it needs in order to build muscle as quickly as possible.


You need to understand that building muscle mass is not a priority for your body.


Your body will only use the nutrition you are feeding it for muscle growth if you have strained your muscles through resistance training and are feeding your body more than it needs to carry out its primary functions.


One anabolic diet option is to eat an extremely high number of calories every day. This will certainly ensure that your body has more than enough nutrition to build muscle mass, but this option is not recommended for anyone looking to get ripped.


The problem with this kind of anabolic diet is that you will be feeding your body much more than it requires for muscle growth and all of the excess calories will be stored on your body as fat. This will get you big and fat – not muscular, lean and ripped.


Anabolic Diet for Lean Muscle Growth

The best anabolic diet option for lean muscle growth is my gradual step anabolic diet for lean muscle mass.


My gradual step anabolic diet is a process that I use to guarantee that I am providing my body with the nutrition necessary for maximum muscle gains without loading up on excess calories that will only make me fat.


I always make sure that each day I am eating about one gram of protein per pound of body weight that I have. So, the nutrient that I vary with my gradual step anabolic diet is carbohydrates.


Gradual Step Anabolic Diet Starting Point

Basically, I start out eating 200 grams of carbohydrates each day, along with my one gram of protein for each pound of body weight, and follow this plan for an entire week. I then weigh myself at the end of the week and if I have not gained any weight, I step up my daily carbohydrate intake to 225 grams.


I continue this process of weighing myself, and increasing my daily carbohydrate intake by 25 grams, until I see an increase on the scale after a full week. Once my weight is increasing I know that my body is receiving the nutrition required for muscle growth.


And since I have gradually increased my nutrition level, I know that I am eating just enough to build muscle without consuming excess calories that would only make me fat.


The best part is that you can use this gradual step anabolic diet to get as big as you want while staying lean in the process. All you have to do is continually measure yourself each week, and as soon as your weight does not increase, just increase your daily carbohydrate intake by 25 grams and continue following the process.


It can be a little intimidating to continually come up with great tasting anabolic meals that are easy to prepare. Here is a site that provides tons of simple and great tasting anabolic diet recipes:


The Anabolic Cookbook


Remember To Be Patient

If you want to build muscle, without adding body fat, this is the best way to do it. Just make sure that you do not unnecessarily increase your carbohydrate intake in an attempt to get bigger faster. I have fallen into that trap and I can promise you that the additional nutrition will only make you fat.


Even if you only gain 0.2 pounds for a week, you are feeding your body sufficiently for muscle growth. Keep in mind that 0.2 pounds of added muscle every week would lead to an additional 10 pounds of muscle over the course of one year.


10 pounds of lean muscle will make a much bigger difference to your physique than you realize, and the truth is that 0.2 pounds is about the least that you will build in a week if you are combining this gradual step anabolic diet with intense muscle training.


If you want an anabolic diet for building lean muscle mass fast, my gradual step anabolic diet plan will get you the results that you desire.



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