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About Craig Leonard - Founder of and Author of Ripped OutI’m someone that knows first-hand how hard the average person struggles to make any kind of noticeable improvements to their physique (more on this in a minute).


And I want to help average people like you achieve the same kind of life-changing transformation I have and this site is my way of inspiring you to take action and make it happen.


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Why You Should Listen to Me Over Everyone Else

Perhaps more than any other reason, you should listen to me because I honestly care about providing motivation and instruction to help you improve your health, fitness and physical appearance.


If that doesn’t do it for you, I’m also certified as a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, so you can trust that I know what I’m talking about.


On top of my certifications, I also have years of experience putting my knowledge to work for myself and others, figuring out how to most effectively induce significant fat loss and muscle building transformations.


Everything you’ll find on is based on my own personal research and experimentation and you can expect nothing but complete honesty. And, with the exception of my book, Ripped Out, all the information I provide on this site is 100% free.


Why You Should Subscribe to This Site

If it isn’t in your budget to purchase Ripped Out, I’ve also written a Round the Clock Fat Loss fat loss transformation system I provide absolutely free to my subscribers. This is a complete system for losing unwanted body fat, not the shoddy incomplete information provided by other site owners.


My goal isn’t just to build a list of subscribers. My goal is to enable thousands of people like you to improve their physiques as efficiently as possible.


As a subscriber you’ll receive motivational emails, updates when new content is added to this site, and also be sent exclusive tips and instructions for building muscle and shedding fat that are only shared with my subscribers.


All you have to do to subscribe, and instantly receive your free copy of Round the Clock Fat Loss, is enter your best email on the form at the top right side on any page on this site.


I hate spam as much as you do and promise to never share your email with anyone. I also promise to be there to support you as you use my fat shredding transformation system to transform your physique.


By the way, the invitation works both ways. I have an “open door policy” and would love to hear from you. You can email me any time at


I’m not someone with amazing genetics or someone who’s able to spend hours working out every day. As a husband, father, Electrical Engineer and entrepreneur, my schedule is chock full like everyone else’s these days. But, I find a way to make building muscle, shedding fat and having an impressive physique a priority, and believe I can help you do the same.


Let Me Help You

I understand the importance of living healthy, being strong and having complete confidence in my physical appearance and want to use what I’ve learned over the years to help others.


The best way for me to do that was by writing a book to detail the systematic approach I used to go from being medically obese to being lean, muscular, and ripped. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re serious about building the ideal physique, my book, Ripped Out, will give you the blueprint you need to make it happen.


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Make no mistake, building an impressive physique requires discipline, hard work and determination. But, if you make transforming your body the priority it deserves, you can build the kind of impressive lean and fit ideal body you’ve always wanted.


This site, and my free transformation system, are my way of paying forward the amazing things I’ve learned and experienced over the years and I hope you find my story, and this site, an inspiration to help you experience the same kind of life-changing transformation.


To your results,

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